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Wujiang Zili Standard Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing and trading enter-  prise of various bolts, screws, self-tapping screws and other fasteners  products. Our      company set up in 1991 and established a new factory in 2000 in Suzhou Wujiang         District ,which is 120 km away from Shanghai, China .Our company has always   been    making hard to design all the mould of our products and to innovate the manufacturing process.Up till now,our company has a professional manufacturing plant, a satisfactory  variety of testing equipment, a new product testing center and a non-destructive optical screening workshop for 100% check .Our company has passed the I S O 9 0 0 1 and 1 6 9 4 9 quality management system certification of TUV NORD Company.We will continue to practice the enterprise spirit of “Devoting to Even One Screw,Devoting to Even One   Customer” and to provide better products and better service for customers all over the world.






Join hands with Sixing to move to a new level
Join hands with Sixingda to a new level On July 10, 2015, our company and Suzhou Sihangda Enterprise Management Services Co., Ltd. reached an official cooperation, the two sides will start business management services, especially on the product quality management system.
Small screws refract the German "artisan spirit"
"The requirements for the installation of the aircraft are very strict. If there are 6 screw holes, then the technician can only get 6 screws; if one screw is lost, the life and death are all found out," said Dr. Liu of the German Helicopter Helicopter Co., Ltd. Qing said.
China Manufacturing 2025 Strategy Announces First Technology Roadmap
On September 29th, the National Manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee officially released the “Technology Roadmap for Key Areas of China Manufacturing 2025 (2015 Edition)”, which defined 10 major areas of the new generation information technology industry and 23 key development directions.